Art, Maritime prints Art,Watercolor ,Ship(23x27) Art,floral,14 x19

Item #: A 17
Title: Abstract painting

Description: mixed media collage and oil.

Size: 34 x 40
Rental Price: $45
Replacement Price:$450

Item #: A16
Title:1960' s maritime

Description: Maritime print,French navy,no frame

Rental Price:
Replacement Price:

Item #: A4
Title: Sailing ship

Description: watercolor, sailing ship

Size: 23" x 27"
Rental Price: $30
Replacement Price: 275

Item #: A13, A14
Title:t,Floral prints

Description: Redoute

Size: 14"x 19"
Rental Price: $16
Replacement Price: $225

Art,pastel,18x17 Art,town,21x18,14x17 Art.Fish14 x10 Art.Prints, Floral15x12

Item #: A2
Title: Row boat

Description: Pastel,rowboat,30's

Size: 18" x17"
Rental Price: $35
Replacement Price:$ 295

Item #: A3a, A3b
Title: View of village

Description: European Town,vintage

Size: Left: 21"x 18"; Right: 14" x17"
Rental Price: $22 each
Replacement Price: $225

Item #: A11, A12
Title: Art, Fish

Description: L: Barred Perch; R: Striped Bass

Size: 14"x10";
Rental Price: $12
Replacement Price: $175

Item #: A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10
Title: Floral prints

Description: Floral,some Redoute

Size: 15"x12"
Rental Price: $15
Replacement Price: $250


Item #: A18 , A19
Title: Watercolors

Description: 1980's,cute,no frame

Size: biggest is 10x6.5"
Rental Price: $8
Replacement Price:$65

Item #: A20 , At21
Title:French Posters

Description: Repro of old French posters/affiche.Bread and Tea.

Size: 24x19
Rental Price: $6 each
Replacement :$95each

Item #: A 16
Title: Don Quixote

Description: Don Quixote and the windmills,stylized

Size: 20x25
Rental Price: $18
Replacement Price:$275

Item #: A 15
Title: Print

Description:Currier & Yves"home to thanksgiving"

Size: 11.5 x 9.5"
Rental Price: $10
Replacement Price:$ 80



Item #: A
Title: painting/ mixed media


Size: 48" x48"
Rental Price: $55
Replacement Price:$525









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